Intelligent Natural Assets

We are creating robust digital twins of ecosystems.

Our partners to make them a reality are Thrusters Unlimited, IQuantum, and Verses Labs. With them, we are using top quality satellite images (just second to those used by intelligence agencies), we have already developed the first generation of our own data collection device to deploy in wild areas, and we are starting to contribute to the epic task of building a planetary-scale digital twin.

Our partner to share our findings and data with institutions, organizations, scientists, and students around the world is AI for Climate.

Victoria’s Intelligent Natural Assets (INAs) use DEV so buyers, governments, and anyone can know for certain that the asset is real and is actually protecting nature. This data is so detailed and reliable that logistics companies and governments can use it for assessments on minimizing biodiversity disruption when it becomes necessary to create transportation routes. It is also detailed enough to make for a beautiful VR tourism experience, or to allow scientists to study how nature is depleting or rebuilding. 

One of the most special things about Victoria’s DEV over any other verification method is that it is inherently built on Web 3.0, meaning whatever we know, we know WHERE that information is from in the real world. This is the data jackpot that scientists, governments, and entrepreneurs need to truly resolve the climate crisis.

For now, Victoria is using DEV to create crypto Carbon Offsets. This will allow companies who want to purchase offsets to know that the carbon capture they paid for really happened and where, and share that with their employees and stakeholders. This is a huge improvement over vendors who sell small plots with seedling trees and claim the company will get the offset from the whole life of the tree. Who is watching that tree grow up in the next 30 years? 30 years ago, the internet wasn’t even a thing. Victoria does things differently-smartly. We prove you get what you pay for.

Victoria Ecosystems

Welcome to the New Era.